Mt. Egg

Mt. Egg and its myth – a contribution to the World Identity Lab project Nowhere / Now Here World

Name of Place:
Mt. Egg; (originally: Eierberg)

Where is it exactly:
Within the woods in the south of Holzdorf, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany; to be exact: 51°46′20.00″N, 13° 7′30.31″E

How do you get there:
Usually by foot. If you are lucky you’ll be introduced; otherwise use the coordinates above;

Why is it so special to you:
This spot seemingly exists only one day a year for the rite of rolling eggs. A mythical place.

Some years ago my wife introduced me in the Easter rites of her hometown, a 1400 inhabitants village within the rural areas of Germany, far away from any obvious attraction or distraction.

Off the beaten tracks in this very… … very flat region, a grassy hill rising in the middle of the woods: The so called Eierberg (Mt. Egg); about 8m in elevation. On Easter Sunday the hill turns into a place of scrimmage. The whole village meets up there for downhill egg races and socializing.

In the evening the spot vanishes again with the crowd for a further year.