Constructed/Transformed Realities is a noncommercial Website, mainly for presenting the noncommercial work of Christian Wagner and for featured and referred third party content.  For the formal information about the Website please see the Imprint section. At this time Constructed/Transformed Realities has a strong focus on photography and therefore on everything that photography could be about.



Christian Wagner (* 1973 in Austria)

lives and works in Graz, Europe / conceptual work and photography since 1994 – various genres / currently diving into film


Usually the “About”-section provides a glittering, well-rounded statement about the presented work. I’d like to break with that tradition.

When I’m having a cursory glance at my own published photographic work at a whole, …

…I had to find out that my past work is best described as side effects and fragments of my real, unrealised intentions.

My work evolves like noise, mainly inspired by spontaneous impulses, often distracted by aesthetic issues; but still with a conceptual background. Ideas for extensive endeavours with a more narrative or documentary nature remain almost forgotten in the pocket books up to now.

Today one of my main interests lies in photographic and filmic works with a documentary or narrative characteristic. My enthusiasm for that genre mainly comes from the contemporary work of American photographers of the fifties, sixties and seventies, such as Lee Friedlander, William Eggleston, Joel Sternfeld, Robert Frank, etc.

I’m dealing with various topics, even if nobody cares.


The original title Constructed Realities is derived from the radical constructivism theory. In the course of time I came across the book Reality Transformed – Film as Meaning and Technique of Irving Singer, an American professor for philosophy. The theory was very convincing, the transformative aspect seemed to be more suitable – therefore I decided to change the title.