Austrian designer David Stelzer and Israeli businessman Nadav Goldstein developed an element made of synthetic that serves diverse functions. One possible application is the ‘Talent Lamp’, a luminaire that can be individually printed and shaped at pleasure. At Kunsthaus Graz they show three different kinds of luminaires that are decorated with the work of local photographers.

The subproject Talent Lamp features photographs of Christoph Steinbauer and Christian Wagner.

Design in the City
May 13, 2016 | 16.00
Location: Kunsthaus Graz Shop | Lendkai 1, 802o Graz

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Prototype of the Talent Lamp (Three Diamonds Model) with lamp shades created from photographs of the Pocket Beast Edition.

Talent Lamp Installation Skribbles

Skribbles of a fat Talent Lamp Installation, pushing the principles of the Talent Lamp System to a bigger installation

Lamp Shades

During the Design Monat the following photographs are available as transluminiscent lamp shades for the Talent Lamp at the Kunsthaus-shop.

Talent Lamp Folding Scheme

Shade Model #1: Skribbles on the diamond lamp shade folding scheme; : Photography is part of the Pocket Beasts Collection

The Pocket Beast Photography Edition


Shade Model #2: The Skin Skin


Shade Model #3: Metropolis / Underground


Shade Model #3: Metropolis / Gardens


Shade Model #4: Explossom


Shade Model #4: Explossom

Moonscape Texture

Shade Model #5: Moonscape Texture


Shade Model #6: Marsscape

In the Kunsthausshop are further shade models available.