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There are several ideas for documentary endeavors and even other photographical works with a stronger emphasis on aesthetical aspects, but today one of my main interests lies in works with a documentary or narrative characteristic. Against the background that my past photographical work evolved like noise, mainly inspired by spontaneous impulses, it would be presumptuous or naive to assume that it will evolve as planned.

The dilemma: Various series were initiated but remained unfinished or got stuck in the conceptual phase, while at the same time other endeavors were started spontaneously.

When my reptilian brain remains the dominant one, I’ll stick to creating semiabstract or abstract photographs instead of concentrating on making documentaries.

In the end it is a game between staying focused in extensive endeavours vs. beeing distraced by (…). We’ll see what will happen…

Here are some insights in my current work, plans and rusty longtime projects:

The two main projects are a photo documentary about Graz and Giga (working title) – a documentary about an Upper Austrian suburbia.


Since 2015


industry site

In times like these, Edition Graz, 2015

Since 2015

GIGA (working title)

An photo documentary about an Upper Austrian suburbia.

Expected release date: May 2016


Since 2015

APRÈS MOI LE DÉLUGE (working title)

Après moi le déluge is an experimental edition of semi-abstract, multi-exposed and digitally retouched photographs. Cosy, surreal and massive;

Expected release date: 2016Mountain

Since 2012


This ongoing photographic series is based on a simple concept: “Individuals” is a portrait series about interesting personalities. This collection will successively supplemeted.

Collection Indiviudals

Josef Wagner

Josef W., Collection Individuals, 2012

Since 2010


This work will be sucessively released.

Tear off the mask

Julia S.

Julia S., Edition Greyscale Series, 2010

Since 2014


Experimental exploration of the accidental aesthetics of analogue instant films

Expected release date: 2016