Springsessions 2012 | Conference for electronic art, technology and design
Golan Levin, Jer Thorp, Shantel Martin, Jared Ficklin, Stefan Sagmeister, Riccardo Giraldi, Thomas Joos, Peter Sistrom, Mario Klingemann, Andreas Müller, Miha Ciglar, Werner Jauk, Sylvia Feichtinger & Erich Martino

Official Springsessions Website
Springsessions exposed, May 2012

Great conference – great speakers. Here are some seleted video presentation of the speakers:

Golan Levin, Artist and Engineer

Golan Levin makes art that look back on you

The Video shows different projects of Golan Levin

QR-Code Stenciler and QR-Hobo-Codes

QR-Code Stenciler and QR-Hobo-Codes by Golan Levin.

Jer Thorp, Artist and Educator

TEDx Vancouver | The weight of data

Stefan Sagmeister

7 Rules for making more happiness

Riccardo Giraldi for B-Reel

Two selected commercial projects of B-Reel

The Honda Experiment Teaser

The Honda Experiment | official website

The Ariel Fashion Shoot

Shantell Martin, Artist

Andreas Müller for Nanika

North Lamp | Cool interaction principle